Comfort, gastronomy and tradition.


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The Hotel Puerta Gamboa welcomes you to what will be your home during your stay with us, where guests are our friends, and the warm and friendly atmosphere, the way we communicate with you.

You will enjoy a detailed and personalized service, based on a philosophy of understanding a family hotel, making the comfort of your stay our first objective, and advising you on what you need for your stay in our city.

We are located in the old town, 50 meters from the marina and the Maritime Station, in a nineteenth century building, an architectural treasure that we have completely renovated, giving comfort and functionality, while respecting the essence of your time.

The original balconies on the facade of granite gives it a unique character and personality. Inside noble materials they have been used high quality, solid wood, original stone building, paper-thin pavement design and writedowns.

During your stay with us you can enjoy WIFI access ADSL Internet access throughout the hotel, including its 11 rooms.

We have parking spaces available for our guests (with charge).

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